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The following pages will give you access to comprehensive image material that includes private and official photos of Elke Sommer as well as still photos from countless international motion picture, television, and stage productions.

At this point, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to compiling these image collections.
Our special thanks go to Erwin Schneider from Agentur Schneider-Press GmbH in Munich, Germany, (www.schneider-press.de) and to Austrian star photographer Manfred Baumann (www.manfredbaumann.com) who gave us their permission to use some of their material for this website.

Please follow the links below:

  Private photos

  Official photos

  Photos from movies, television, stage

If you find material that needs to be updated, or if you are interested in adding any material to this website, please send your email to webmaster@elkesommeronline.com. Thank you!

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