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Elke Sommer's Art

On the next pages, you have the opportunity to browse through a selection of Elke Sommer's artwork. Please follow the links listed below.

  Artwork Series 01

  Artwork Series 07

  Artwork Series 02

  Artwork Series 08

  Artwork Series 03

  Artwork Series 09

  Artwork Series 04

  Artwork Series 10

  Artwork Series 05

  Artwork Series 11

  Artwork Series 06


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Moreover, there is a list in alphabetical order of all the artworks of Elke Sommer that are featured on this website, which also allows you to see at a glance which items are available for purchase (as lithographies or posters) in our Online-Shop.

Should you have further questions or specific inquiries about Elke Sommer's artwork, please be so kind and send your email to shop@elkesommeronline.com. Thank you!

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