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Portrait Elke Sommer
Filme Buchstabe H

Please follow the links below to get to pages with detailed information about the individual motion picture productions. Video-Clips are here.

  • Heisse Katzen (1967)
  • Hell to Macao (1967)
  • Herein, ohne anzuklopfen (1961)  
  • Heroes, The (1970)  
  • Himmel, Amor und Zwirn (1960)  
  • Himmelsheim (1989)  
  • Hochstaplerin, Die (1961)  
  • Hölle von Macao, Die (1967)
  • Hotel der toten Gäste, Das (1965)
  • House of Exorcism, The (1973)  
  • House of Seven Joys, The (1968)  
  • Howlers on the Dock (1960)  

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