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Portrait Elke Sommer

Our Online Shop offers you the opportunity to download free electronic autographs by Elke Sommer and purchase personally signed autograph photos of different sizes. All proceeds from the sales go to the Amanda Foundation.

If you wish to contact Elke Sommer by conventional mail or send her personal material to get it autographed, please send your letter together with a self-addressed, sufficiently U.S. stamped envelope or an International Reply Coupon to

  Elke Sommer
  c/o Elke Sommer Management
  1850 Whitley Avenue, Suite 1020
  Los Angeles, CA 90028-4797, USA

In this context, we would like to point out that there are times when it can take very long (months!) until mailed autograph requests are answered and we assume no responsibility, whatsoever, for the return of the material. Please direct all related questions to info@elkesommeronline.com.


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