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Callas and a Cat
Day at the Beach
Der Bauer
Der Dechsendorfer Weiher (Plate)
Die Gauklerin
Die Weisse Amazone
Family Making Music (Plate)
Family Making Music I
Fiddle in Peace
Flower Jesus II
Flying Kites
Free Friends
Für Wolf
Grandma and the Lamb
Haiti Okay
Hawaiian Wedding Plate (Plate)
Jesus (Skulptur)
La Capilla Mexicana
Maria und Josef
Mother and Child (Skulptur)
Mother and Child Dancing (Skulptur)
My Child
My Love
One Good Cheek
Poker Game
Pool Shark
Sleigh Ride (Plate)
Swan Dance
The Calla Lady
The Dog and the Kid
The Doll Cemetery
The Fallen Angel
The Finger
The Lovers (Skulptur)
The Next Bridge Is 10K Away
The Picnic (Plate)
The Players
The Portrait
The Sword
Training for Circus
Village Dance I
White Madonna

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