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  Quel numéro ce faux numéro!  


Year: 1966
Country: USA
Running Time: 99 min.


Bob Hope
Elke Sommer
Phyllis Diller
Cesare Danova
Marjorie Lord
Kelly Thordsen
Benny Baker
Terry Burnham
Joyce Jameson
Harry von Zell
Kevin Burchett
Keith Taylor
John Todd Roberts

Written by:
George Beck, George Kennett

Directed by:
George Marshall

Produced by:
Edward Small Productions


A gorgeous actress named Didi (Elke Sommer) has become more famous for commercials involving bubble baths than for acting. Fed up with the situation, she winds up running away for a while to Oregon, where she encounters a middle-aged married man (Bob Hope) who quickly becomes extremely anxious to explore their acquaintanceship further.

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Boy, did I get a wrong number

Also known as:  
Völlig falsch verbunden!  
Quel numéro ce faux numéro!  

Boy, Did I Get A Wrong Number  
(Original title)