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  Lamp Fever  


Year: 1960
Country: Germany
Running time: 95 min.


Dunja Movar
Bernhard Wicki
Antje Weissgerber
Gustav Knuth
Elke Sommer
Anne Kersten
Henry Vahl
Eva Vaitl
Claus Wilcke
Corinna Genest
Gitty Djamal
Michael Hinz

Written by:
Heinz Pauck
Hans Schweikart

Directed by:
Kurt Hoffmann

Produced by:


They are taking the first steps onto the boards that mean the world and "lamp fever" is what they all have in common: several young actors, some more, some less talented. Some of them are still students like the flirtatious Evelyne (Elke Sommer) who is convinced that she knows everything, or Gitta who is far more modest and proves willing to learn.

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Also known as:  

Lamp Fever  
Stage Fright