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  La statue en or massif  


Year: 1966
Country: USA
Running time: 119 min.


Stephen Boyd
Elke Sommer
Milton Berle
Eleanor Parker
Joseph Cotten
Jill St. John
Tony Bennett
Edie Adams
Ernest Borgnine
Ed Begley
Walter Brennan
Broderick Crawford

Written by:
Richard Sale
Harlan Ellison

Directed by:
Russell Rouse

Produced by:
Greene-Rouse Productions


A movie actor is nominated for an Oscar, and, as he sits in the ceremony awaiting the announcement, a flashback recalls his rise to the top from his shadowy beginnings to his ruthless schemes of stepping on people to get there.

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The Oscar

Alternative Titel:  

...denn keiner ist ohne Schuld  
La statue en or massif  
Tramonto di un idolo  

Oscar, The  
(Original title)